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In the heart of Johannesburg, the pulsating tech nerve of South Africa, Afribit sprouted six years ago.

The city, a symphony of innovation and potential, echoed our ambition. Johannesburg wasn't just our birthplace; it was the catalyst that fuelled our dedication to break beyond the conventional and challenge the status quo.

Our Vision


Our ambition stretches across Africa. We believe in a future where every business, small or large, leverages the power of digital transformation. Together, we’re making Africa a global digital contender.

Proud Partners

Empowering Industries Together

As pioneers in the digital realm, we’ve collaborated with a diverse range of industry leaders. From legal firms experiencing seamless cloud transitions to media houses revolutionising their operations, our esteemed clientele stands testament to our expertise.

Core Values

Foundations of Our Drive

At Afribit, integrity meets innovation. We prise genuine partnerships, seeking not just business success but a lasting, positive impact on our continent’s digital landscape.

Team Afribit

Foundations of Our Drive

Our team, a blend of tech enthusiasts and strategy experts, collaborates to craft bespoke solutions. They’re not just employees; they’re the architects of Africa’s digital future.
Founder and CEO AFRIBIT

Sylvester Meyer


Amish Chana


Adele Small


Palesa Kgatla

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