In the rapidly evolving digital era, staying ahead means leveraging the power of connectivity. Afribit’s Internet of Things (IoT) services unlock unprecedented efficiency, innovation, and value for businesses across various sectors. Dive into our IoT services designed to propel your business into a smarter future.

How We Help?

Seamlessly integrate IoT devices into your existing infrastructure, ensuring harmonious operation and streamlined functionality. Our solutions are designed to connect, monitor, and manage a wide array of devices, enabling smart operations and real-time insights.

With the expansion of IoT networks comes the challenge of securing them. Afribit offers robust security solutions tailored to protect your IoT ecosystem. From end-to-end encryption to regular compliance audits, safeguard your operations against emerging threats and vulnerabilities.

Gain immediate insights into the performance and status of your IoT devices. Our monitoring solutions offer a comprehensive view of your network, ensuring optimal performance and swift issue resolution. Stay informed and in control with Afribit’s real-time analytics.

Navigate the entire lifecycle of your IoT devices with ease. From initial deployment and regular maintenance to timely upgrades, Afribit ensures your IoT solutions remain cutting-edge and effective. Prolong the efficacy of your devices with our end-to-end management services.

Transform data into decisions. Our IoT services are equipped with advanced data analysis capabilities, turning raw data from your devices into actionable insights. Enhance operational decision-making and uncover new opportunities with data-driven strategies.

Stay a step ahead with automated responses and notifications. Configure your IoT network to react autonomously to predefined conditions, ensuring efficiency and responsiveness. Whether it’s adjusting settings or alerting personnel, automate your operations for maximum effectiveness.

Every business is unique, and so are its challenges. Afribit specializes in developing custom IoT solutions tailored to meet specific operational needs. From smart agriculture to automated manufacturing and beyond, unlock potential with bespoke IoT strategies.

Case Study


Client: Multinational Mining Company

Challenge: Monitoring when water pumps in open pits stop pumping water is important to ensure that heavy vehicles travelling through the pit do not get stuck in mud. Previous attempts at monitoring the water pumps were unsuccessful due to the lack of cellular coverage. Mine personnel regularly visited each pump during the course of the day to ensure that they were operating and actively pumping water.

Afribit's Solution: A rugged mine grade solution was designed that relayed data from the water pumps via satellites 3 to 4 times an hour. GPS location information is also used to pin point the location of each pump.

Outcome: The solution realised a fuel saving due to reduced inspection trips into the pits. In addition the mine is now able to accurately report on the total volume water pumped in daily. The mine is considering extending the solution to monitoring the fuel and maintenance status of their generators.

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